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Outdoor and online counselling

Think & Feel offers outdoor and online counselling in environments that will enable and support your understanding of your own story and needs.

Encouraging empowerment to move past limitations by discovering your own voice.

For adults and young people in Cornwall, The South West and beyond.




Think & Feel

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Think & Feel offers outdoor and online counselling in individual or group sessions run by qualified therapist, Suzi Todd. 


These sessions are designed to address and eliminate the effects of trauma and provide a toolkit towards building a happier, safer and more empowered life.


There are many reasons why you may be looking to engage in therapy. 

You, or a loved one, maybe experiencing difficult thoughts or feelings. You may be going through challenging stages or experiencing loss and grief, emotional distress, anxiety or depression.

Every person is unique and complex. I offer a warm environment where there is no judgement.


My passion is to enable you to unlock your voice. To help you to unfold and nurture connections, behaviours, thoughts and feelings towards yourself and others. 


You can find out more about me and my qualifications here and our services below. 


Our Individual Sessions run as a 1:1, either outside, or inside in a safe and comfortable location for you.

Exploring behaviours and responses and learning to recognise and nurture our vulnerabilities. 


Flexible, 1-1 sessions held from anywhere in the world via the wonder of the internet.

Running at your own pace to help understand behaviours and feelings.


Group Therapy

Accountable sessions, in groups of up to 8 people.


Held over 6-weeks these programmes provide us with a toolbox of strategies and promotes wellness and supportive connections. 

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