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Why I became a counsellor.

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hi, I'm Suzi and I'm the founder of Think & Feel.

My journey to becoming a counsellor wasn't straightforward, but it was something inside of me that I knew I had to do.

I myself felt unheard and felt that I was an outsider most of my life.

I have been through abuse and trauma and survived it. I believe this has given me a different outlook and an empathy to those that have also been through trauma and sadness.

I have a strength that has always burned deep inside me to survive and try to have optimism and learn from mistakes and behaviours.

We all have our stories and all are valid and important which means we think, feel and behave because of our experiences. Learning about what are healthy and unhealthy behaviours for ourselves takes time and dedication and a belief in ourselves.

I want to stand beside people and help them understand themselves in a warm and caring way. In a way that helps them to accept themselves for who they have been, who they are now and who they want to become.

Building confidence and self esteem and together building a tool box that is unique to each person that they can use and grow throughout their life when needed.

That is why I became a counsellor.

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