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Think & Feel

Person-Centred Therapy

At Think & Feel, we use an integrative therapy approach.

This means that it has the foundation of Person-Centred Therapy and combines elements of other therapies to help with your individual needs.

It is predominantly a collaboration of Experiential and Psychoanalytical approaches and practices from Emotional Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory and Transactional Analysis. Transactional Analysis is helpful because it allows us to relate to ourselves and others in certain situations. 

By understanding the three ego states of Parent, Adult and Child, we can reflect on childhood experiences and how they affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviours today.


All of this underpins the framework of a person-centred approach.



Why Person-Centred Therapy?


Following a Person-Centred approach helps clients to work with their therapist to explore the feelings around emotions, offering curiosity to help unfold and nurture the client's process of awareness. 


By tuning into our emotions, we learn to understand better the physical sensations associated with emotions. We can then learn to recognise these emotions and find ways to connect and accept these emotions.

If we neglect what we are feeling physically and emotionally, this could lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms (eating disorders, addiction, aggressive outbursts and negative relationships). Emotions communicate what we need, what matters, what our experiences mean, and therefore help our healing needs.

As John Bowlby’s attachment theory explains, our early childhood relationships, especially those developed with our mothers, significantly affect our adult behaviours and relationships.


Bowlby’s theory shows attachment patterns in our childhood have great weight in how we develop our relationship skills and conditions of worth. By maintaining a broad knowledge of the mental health issues that can occur through unhealthy relationships, we can better understand behavioural patterns. 



What this means for you


At Think & Feel, we don't poke and probe. There's no judgement or background checks.


We aim to create trust in our relationship within a safe environment. With a strong bond in place, a therapist becomes a good sounding board to listen and support you and help you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  

Once identified, it is possible to work through these feelings and thoughts as they emerge. The ‘felt sense’ is of huge significance in experiential therapy.

By just being there with you, through these present feelings and sensations, we hope to help you feel more supported and safe enough to explore these more deeply.

At Think & Feel, we know that the quality of the relationship with you will determine the positive outcomes of our therapy sessions and not theoretical approaches alone. While a strong theoretical knowledge base can provide consistency and guidance, it also provides a benchmark by which to evaluate and learn new approaches of research and study.

Person-Centred Therapy
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Is it right for you?

Who We Work With

  • Children (5 years plus) – specialising in pre-trial therapy, domestic violence and abuse. 

  • Children and Young People - specialising in school transitions, family dynamics, family trauma and loss, friendships and relationships, isolation, loneliness, expectations, emotional dysfunction, difficulty in expressing emotions, body issues, abuse, self-harm, suicidal ideations, attempts of suicide, substance abuse.

  • Adults – specialising in substance abuse, relationship issues, food anxieties and disorders, self-esteem, life/work transitions, family support, family trauma, abuse, body issues, high anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation and attempts.

  • Adults - specialising in mothers experiencing a loss in direction, change of lifestyle or challenging stages in life (lost social skills, self-esteem, sex drive and sexual, physical and mental abuse.

  • Adults - specialising in suicidal thoughts, apathy, isolation, loneliness, high expectations, work stress, sexual orientation, depression.

  • Adults - specialising in fathers who may be experiencing a loss in direction, change of lifestyle or challenging stages in life, men struggling with job dissatisfaction, loneliness, difficulty in expressing emotion, lack of exercise motivation, family trauma and loss, abuse, illness, lack of desire, feeling like a failure, procrastination.

Please note, this list is by no means exhaustive. If you would like to chat through any feelings or concerns you may have, please get in touch

What people say


I was really nervous before meeting with Suzi as I had never talked to a therapist before. Suzi made me feel at ease instantly, and I started to look forward to our sessions. I was allowed the space to talk and share my thoughts without feeling embarrassed and silly. Suzi has helped me recognise that my feelings and thoughts do matter, and I am now starting to find the confidence to express them to others.



I have high anxiety, and I began my sessions with Suzi when I felt that I was totally out of control. I was having panic attacks and started not to leave my house out of fear of having one. Suzi listened to my worries and obsessional behaviours that I had never told anyone about before. I started to understand more about where and why these worries came. We work together weekly on setting manageable steps forward so that I can gain more confidence to go outside and socialise again. I will start on some short walks with Suzi soon; although I know this will be challenging for me, I know Suzi will always go at my pace.  I feel that I am more in touch with my body, and Suzi has given me some great visual and breathing techniques to help when I can now feel my anxiety start to rise. 



I was a student when I started counselling. Everything was getting on top of me, which was affecting my assignments, relationships and sleep. I was drinking way too much to put everything out of my mind and trying to enjoy a bit of student life. I was angry and disappointed in myself; in fact, I did not like myself at all. I started to think everyone felt the same about me, and I started to isolate myself from family and friends.  Thankfully one of my friends gave me Suzi's contact and helped me get in touch. I learnt how to express what I was feeling, I found this really hard at first, but over time with Suzi's support, I have found ways to communicate what is going on in my head and try to manage these thoughts. I have now graduated from university and started a new job. Without Suzi's support through my last year, I am not sure this would have happened. I still check in with Suzi once a month now as it helps me keep on top of my thoughts and understand things from a different perspective.



My relationship with my wife was breaking down. We argued all the time, and I started to spend more time at work than at home. Then lockdown happened! I felt trapped in my house and wanted to explode. A friend of mine suggested I give Suzi a call. I didn't want to, but I felt desperate to do something. I am very glad I did. I enjoy my online sessions weekly as it has given me the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially. Suzi listens but also challenges my thoughts and behaviours. It has given me the time to think and process certain thoughts that have come up through our sessions and acknowledge the roles that I or others have impressed on me throughout my life. My sessions have helped me communicate with my wife in a new way to start to understand how to move forward with each other. 



I am a 42-year-old mother of 2 strong-willed boys. I know I am a good mum and a caring wife. However, I didn't know who I was anymore; what happened to the sexy, bubbly L who loved a festival? I was overweight, drinking too much, and if anyone asked me what I did for fun, I would always say I didn't have time for fun anymore. I felt low and slightly depressed. Talking to Suzi has made me look at my life in a whole new way. I am starting to readdress every part of it and finding out what I want and need now. I feel I have more energy and confidence to say 'no' to things and not feel guilty by doing so. I have also learnt about healthy boundaries for myself, this is still a working progress, but I am so happy Suzi is beside me along the way!


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